Affordable Halloween Decor

Affordable Halloween Decor

Think that you can’t afford to decorate for holidays? Think again! I get a lot of compliments on my decorations during the holidays and no one knows that I spend hardly anything for them. Most of these decorations were $3.00 or UNDER!bff-facebook-2

Here is a list of the items and where to get them for super cheap!

  • Chalk Board- $3.00 Target Dollar Section
  • Burlap Pumpkin- $3.00 Target Dollar Section
  • Candy Corn- Buy one get one FREE Walgreens
  • Glass containers- T.J. Maxx $8.00 a piece
  • “Nightly Specials” hanger- $1.00 (YES you read that right) Dollar Tree
  • Harvest Garland- $1.00 Dollar Tree





The entire cost of these decorations were around $26.00!

Also, you can replace the Halloween hanger with a Thanksgiving one and get two holidays out of the decorations!





  • “EEK” Letters- $3.00 Target Dollar Section
  • Stacked Pumpkins- HALF OFF at Michaels!
  • Halloween Sign- $1.00 Dollar Tree
  • Trick or Treat Sign- $3.00 Target Dollar Section
  • Sticks in Vase- $1.00 Dollar Tree
  • Single Pumpkin- $3.00 Target Dollar Section

I purchased the lantern on the bottom shelf at Hobby Lobby for half off and use it year round. You can change out what goes inside for each holiday! Target has really cute Halloween lights in their dollar section right now! You can search on Targets website here for some more cute ideas!