Alabama Splash Adventure

Alabama Splash Adventure a New Star in Alabama

From the Heartland to the Heart of the South, stars are once again falling on Alabama. When Dan Koch (pronounced “cook”)20150624_141528 purchased Splash Adventures last year, he not only brought along nearly seven decades of family parks expertise from Santa Claus, Indiana, he breathed a critical ingredient of life into the Birmingham local economy: hope.


Already into its second season, the hope of seeing Alabama Splash Adventure water park once again become a sought after destination for families has now grown into excitement. You can feel it in the air (and water!), see it on the faces of children, and certainly hear it in guests’ voices. Excitement found not only from the guests, one cannot miss the undaunted energy and playful direction of the park’s newly beloved matriarch “The General.”


Pat Koch’s smiling face greets you at the gates and around the park from open to close. Both she and her son, Dan, can be seen walking the park greeting guests, cleaning up anything that needs attention, coaching their employees, and, if needed, quickly putting a stop to undesired behavior. Their leadership certainly gives new meaning to “hands on” and it works.


A Great Place for Families


After several years of poor management, Splash Adventure and Alabama Adventure saw their numbers steadily decline. Family attendance shrunk, mainly due to lack of cleanliness and a dwindling sense of safety. Those days are ling gone. Known as “The Queen of Clean,” Pat Koch says, “We have an incredible staff and you really feel like family when entering, everything must be spit spot clean and all you have to do is relax and have fun.” Additionally, Dan Koch’s lifetime experience in running theme parks comes down to one critical factor: safety. Not only do the slides and rides require an immaculate reputation, the entire park must feel family friendly and safe.


The Kochs have already achieved success in these areas and are now embarking on their 5 year strategy to see the park grow into Alabama’s #1 destination for family entertainment. Their commitment to keeping prices reasonable and amenities FREE (parking, sunscreen, wi-fi, and even all Pepsi products!) is quite an attractive feature; yet, that’s just the beginning.


With continuing improvements already clearly seen in the water park, Dan will increasingly improve Alabama Adventures (the “dry side”). First on the list: The RAMPAGE! Already chosen as one of the top 50 thrill rides across America by the Weather Channel, the new and improved RAMPAGE is fast and thrilling! I rode it at least 3 times with a group of 6th grade boys and girls and we all had a blast. They are too young to know the ride from past days, but I can attest that it felt like a whole new experience.


20150624_140602Families can look forward to being a witness to something new and exciting each and every year.


A Great Place for Everyone


Breathing new life into the parks is not the only blessing. Witnessing the impact of new leadership upon employees is truly inspirational. Dan Koch learned the business from his father and mother and he knows the importance of training excellent employees. This is an ideal place to learn and practice the art of guest relations, especially for their many teenage and young adult representatives.


As the parks continue to expand and attract families across the Southeast, the economic impact will make many sit up and take notice. The personal leadership from the Kochs and their management team will also attract top talent and make the parks a sought after place of employment for young workers that seek the best training and experience.


As a mom, I am already thinking about the benefits my future teens (we’re not there, yet!) will have if they get to work here under such great leadership. I admit I really like that thought.


A Great Place for You!20150624_180539


So, mom and dad, make sure your Summer plans include several visits to Splash Adventure. You can look forward to a safe and clean place for your whole family to relax and have fun. You can meet the new owners personally and expect to be treated as a welcome guest.


The Koch family arrived from America’s Heartland to revive our own Heart of the South. In this special place, the heart of the family is celebrated and treated like the star we already know it to be.