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A Plan of Action for Parents

A Plan Of Action for Christian Parents                                                  Recently, I’ve talked with several Christian parents who really want their children to… Read the rest
Patient Parenting

Patient Parenting

Patient Parenting “Patience is a virtue.”  We’re all familiar with that cliché and Paul reminds us of the importance of… Read the rest

Engage With Your Child

Engage With Your Kids in Positive Activities Every good parent has a desire to engage with their kids in positive… Read the rest

Empathize-Understanding Your Child’s World

Empathize – Understanding Your Child’s World I used to tell parents if they wanted to understand their child’s world they… Read the rest

Empowering Your Child

Empowering Your Child Have you ever lied to your child?  When I was growing up my mom and dad told… Read the rest
Parents....Be Encouraged

Parents….Be Encouraged!

Parents….Be Encouraged! In Proverbs 22:6 the Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when… Read the rest

Hey Dad – Somebody’s Watching

Hey Dad – Somebody’s Watching Here’s a few thoughts as you start a new year. Always remember this:  “Your children… Read the rest

Parent Encouragement

Hey Mom and Dad: Sometimes as parents we feel clueless in raising our kids. The examples that our parents set,… Read the rest

Top 5 Family Christmas Devotionals

Top 5 Family Christmas Devotionals During this season it is always great to refocus our attention and minds.  I know… Read the rest

Compassion Experience Alabaster

COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL’S “THE COMPASSION EXPERIENCE” IS COMING TO ALABASTER Interactive Tour Immerses Visitors into Daily Life in Another Country Compassion… Read the rest