Thoughtful Thursday

Weepeat Boutiqe Children’s Clothing Store Christmas 2018

Weepeat Boutiqe Children’s Clothing Store Christmas 2018

Weepeat Boutique Children’s Clothing Store WeePeat Boutique is a family owned store specializing in gently used children’s and maternity clothes.  They carry clothes, shoes, toys, and even some furniture items.    — View Full Article

Hurricane Michael Relief Efforts

The devastation is immense, and there are so many lives that have been lost and many more lives altered forever.  As resources are making there way into the more populated   — View Full Article

Order in the House! School’s in Session: If Life Already Feels Crazy, Check Out This NEW Book!

It’s finally, here, BFF friends and family! Many of you have requested for one of our writers, Christine C. Carr, to put to paper her system for meal un-planning. Through   — View Full Article

D-Day Survival Guide

D-Day Survival Guide Delivery Day Essentials Hospital Survival Guide   The third trimester is the most exciting, and also scary few weeks in pregnancy. There is the thrill of knowing   — View Full Article

Fall Consignment Sales 2017

Fall is just around the corner and so is consignment season. To get you prepared, here’s a list of the upcoming consignment sales for fall 2017 in Birmingham and the   — View Full Article

Dancing in the New School Year

Dancing in the New School Year! How Parents Can Find the Best Dance Schools Yes, it’s that time of year again! Not only are you busy getting ready for school,   — View Full Article

It’s A Phase, So Don’t Miss It Parents Conference

“IT’S A PHASE, SO DON’T MISS IT” Parenting Conference at Westwood Baptist Church Saturday, March 18, 2017, Westwood Baptist Church will host a parenting conference called, “It’s Just A Phase,   — View Full Article

Biblical Keys to Healthy Relationships Part 1

Biblical Keys to Healthy Relationships Part 1: Right Thinking About the Bible By Alonza Jones Three famous seminary professors were asked which book of the Bible they would prefer to   — View Full Article

How to Deal With and Care for Your Annoying Little Brother

“How to Deal With and Care for Your Annoying Little Brother” by Nia Mya Can you imagine writing a book at only 8 years old? Well that’s just what one   — View Full Article

Parenting U Classes

January 11, 2017 “It Starts at Home”  •  Worship Center  •  Ric & Carla Callahan Learn to Confidently Teach Your Kids About God! • Session 1 – Faith: It Starts   — View Full Article