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One Tough Kid – Reagan!

Congratulations to One Tough Kid, Reagan! As she continues to fight cancer, Reagan does not stop living life to its fullest. Please continue to pray! Reagan was 5 years old   — View Full Article

One Tough Kid – Elijah Seritt!

As a toddler, Elijah Seritt was sick much of the time. Periodically, he became so ill that his parents would take him to an emergency room. Intravenous fluids usually boosted   — View Full Article

One Tough Kid – AnnaBelle Leigh Jones

Annabelle Leigh Jones, like her two older sisters, was a healthy, happy baby. But by age 2, their mother, Victoria, began to think that something wasn’t quite right Annabelle seemed   — View Full Article

Tough Kid Tuesday – Dr. Gleason!

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and we at BFF magazine and One Tough Kid are Going Gold! Every Tough Kid Tuesday post, and many others, during September will acquaint   — View Full Article

Tough Kid Tuesday – Ava Arnold Johnson!

Ava Arnold Johnson is certainly a miracle! When she was born in 2009, she seemed the picture of health. By four months, however, Ava stopped kicking her legs. When her   — View Full Article

Tough Kid Tuesday – SMA Awareness Month!

For August, we at BFF Magazine and One Tough Kid want to take some time to focus on a disease of which many in the public are unaware. Spinal Muscular   — View Full Article

Tough Kid Tuesday – Halle Scott Windham

Sometimes the tiny ones are the most mighty. One little girl, who has now celebrated her one year anniversary in Heaven, knew nothing about being a Tough Kid. She only   — View Full Article

Tough Kid Tuesday – Gracie Poole!

Where there is Life, there is Hope When we last introduced you to Gracie Ann Poole in April (see her story here), this sweet six year old already exemplified the   — View Full Article

Tough Kid Tuesday – Tough Kids Update

Today, at One Tough Kid, we have several announcements to make! Have you ever wondered, “Where are they now?” Well, we have important stories to share regarding two Tough Kids   — View Full Article

Tough Kid Tuesday – Logan Patrick

Last week, we introduced you to Spinal Muscular Atrophy, also known as SMA. Today, we want to introduce you to One Tough Kid, Logan Patrick, a remarkable little boy who   — View Full Article