Dancing in the New School Year

Dancing in the New School Year!

How Parents Can Find the Best Dance Schools

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Not only are you busy getting ready for school, shopping
for supplies, sneaking in the last few days of Summer, and yearning for a little more stability in
your schedule…it’s also the season for Dance Registration, and you don’t want to miss it!

Dance is long known to be highly beneficial for a child’s development. Physical fitness,
artistic development, and even increased athletic performance are some of the immense benefits
of studying dance. It’s not only for your little princess, it’s also wonderful for your super

“But, how is a parent to choose the right dance program for their child, whether
they are a developing artist dreaming of a future career or an athlete looking to
increase strength and flexibility?”

What a Parent Should Know:

Fortunately, at BFF Magazine, we know some of the very best programs in the metro
Birmingham area. NS Dance, on Grants Mill Road, and Exclusively Ballet and Dance, located
at Hwy 119 and 280, boast years of professional experience and success.
According to Monica Barnett-Smith, Artistic Director of EBD, there are several key signs
of a well run dance program:
1. EDUCATION. Know the education background of the staff and faculty. Look for
teachers that have actually worked in the field professionally. At Exclusively and NS
dance, their faculty actually have dance degrees, professional experience, multiple
awards, and countless hours in continuing education.
2. BALLET, BALLET, BALLET. This must be the foundation for all other training. Do the
faculty make sure to teach ballet with correct technique? Do they consistently use correct
ballet vocabulary? Students trained well in ballet can take a class anywhere in the world
because they know the vocabulary and fundamental technique.
3. SAFETY. Look for Sprung Floors, which provide the best physical safety for developing
bones and joints. Do the studios have viewing windows? Also make sure you are aware
of dressing room and bathroom policies. Parents should have easy access to their child
while also protecting every student’s privacy and safety.

4. RELATIONSHIPS. Observe a class! Teachers should be motivating and work well with
students. Students should also be taught to support and encourage one another.

How Do I Learn More?

Class registrations started as early as mid-July and are usually full by Labor Day, so do
not hesitate! Based on the advice above, we encourage you to ask good questions and visit the
studios that interest your child the most. Have fun!
Exclusively Ballet and Dance and NS Dance