Down Syndrome Alabama Tour-Tough Kid Tuesday

Down Syndrome Alabama Tour-Tough Kid Tuesday

In honor of Tough Kid Tuesday, I would like to share a personal experience that I had with Down Syndrome Alabama. I got to take a tour of their small yet cozy facility and meet with Susan Tolle, the executive director of DSA. I was lucky enough that my husband got to join me as well!

Susan was nice enough to tell me about what DSA does. To put it mildly, DSA provides care and support for not only those with Down Syndrome, but for parents and siblings of those with Down Syndrome as well. They can start support and education for families as early as pre-birth all the way to employment and beyond. There are ten advocacy groups total. There’s New Parents, Preschool, Elementary and Hispanic, just to name a few.

For a long time, the life expectancy for those with Down Syndrome was up until age twenty-seven. They didn’t even live to see thirty. Now, with the research that’s being done, a lot of them are living to be seventy-two. An important piece of information that I learned is that those with Down Syndrome need to leave their pediatrician when their adults and move to a regular adult doctor. Now, there’s still research being done on adult doctors and their knowledge of patients with Down Syndrome, but progress is being made.

When it comes to DSA, many circles of influence of those touched by Down Syndrome will be reached. This includes Caretakers for the elderly with Down Syndrome, Medical/Mental Health Professionals, Early Intervention Providers, Career Development & Vocational Training and more!

The future is looking bright. There will be a continuation of the John Mark Stallings Advocacy Programs, A Caretaker to Caretaker Healthcare Referral Network and more satellite locations. Also, there will be the Buddy Walk on October 4th and the 1st Annual Boo Run Run on October 31st!

Special thanks to Susan Tolle and DSA for all their hard work and for taking the time to meet with me and my husband! DSA is a great program and hopefully there will be more programs like it around the country one day!

Down Syndrome Alabama Tour-Tough Kid Tuesday

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