Fun On The Farm at 4D Family Farm

Fun on the Farm

Our family left home in Shelby County at 9 and got to the 4D Family 4D Family FarmFarm in Cullman a little after 10am. It was an easy drive with some pretty views when we got out in the country. The ticket line moved quickly and a few min later we were inside looking at a large slide off to the right of the entrance. The Black Mamba is an 80-foot slide that all of the kids we saw wanted do over and over. There were 2 slides and the lines were very short during the morning. For an extra fee, kids can take a pony ride or shoot from a corn cannon, or even do some gemstone mining. Many of the dads and older children were lined up to do the Corn Cannon. We bought tickets for the pony ride and did wait longer for this one, as they only had 2 ponies harnessed in the small 5 horse ring. Each kid riding a pony had smiles on their faces and clearly loved it!

It appeared that most kids spent the longest time at the slides, going down over and over, and on the pillow jump. This giant jumping pillow placed in the ground was large and never seemed to get too full. Kids of all ages jumped and parents too! Next to the pillow jump are the Rat Rollers. Large industrial tubes are placed on PVC tracks and bigger kids can walk inside the tubes rolling them down the track. Smaller children have fun climbing inside while their parents roll the tubes. Some of the parents even climbed inside for a go. Our 4-year-old got a little push from dad and had a blast.

img_1725Climbing the tires, playing in the corn, playing on hay stacks, riding a hopper ball in a hay bale ring, riding a pipe swing, and enjoying some lemonade were some of the other things our 4-year-old enjoyed most on our farm visit too. We attempted to get her on the zipline which looked so fun, but she was too afraid. It looked like it went pretty fast! We watched the other adults and a few older kids ride the swing down the line and then run the swing back up the hill for the next rider. Pig races were only just beginning when we left. So much fun it wore us all out, and we hadn’t even done everything. We missed the corn maze, which looked like a great time. Parents were all relieved to have real restrooms and cold drinks available at the farm since it was almost 90 that day. We didn’t stay for lunch but there is a kitchen and picnic tables set up in the shade where families can enjoy lunch or just a rest before getting back to the fun. On the way out we checked out the small gift shop which had cute puzzles, T-shirts, and some small pumpkin themed souvenirs. Look at the website pics of some of the farm activities before your visit at 4D Farm activities.

Some things that were missing that might be useful include more signs. For example, they needed signs telling patrons where to purchase tickets for the pony rides, as we heard several people asking where to buy tickets then returning to the entrance for these after someone told them where to go. The same thing was happening for restrooms, for which there was a building but no sign indicating it was restrooms.

We felt that the family farm has so much to do for all ages! Some of the activities we saw include a corn maze, a cow train pulled by a tractor for little ones, the giant slides, jumping pillow, hayride,img_1738 zipline, play barn, and farm animals. The pig races beginning as we left drew a crowd, and we saw the rubber duck races as well. Once you get to the barn, look up! You’ll likely see goats standing on a platform on top. We did, and our daughter loved the animals. All aged kids were on the hay bales and elephant rolls, climbing and jumping all over them.

4D farms closed Oct 30th for the fall season. However, they reopen in the Spring so look out for the opening dates next year. We’ll be going back to enjoy another family trip to the farm!

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