Halloween Picket Crafts

Halloween Picket Crafts

How cute are these Halloween decorations?! And they are easy to make! I (with the help of my very crafty aunt) did these in less than an hour and, with very little supplies.

Supplies used:bff1

  • Left over fence pickets
  • Spray paint (Any craft store)
  • Acrylic paint (Any craft store)
  • Brushes (Any crafts store. I got mine at Michaels..the $1.99 pack is fine!)
  • Twine (Any supply store)
  • Burlap (Any crafts store)
  • Sticks (From the yard)
  • Hot glue gun





Here is a picture of the spray paint we used.

We already had some of the paint and some was purchased at Michaels.







  • First.. the boards need to be cut. We (as in my husband) cut various sizes so they would not all look the same.
  • Next.. you want to spray paint the boards on all sides and let it dry COMPLETELY. For the Mummies, only spray paint the top half for the face!
  • After they dry you can start on what ever face you want to paint. There is a “dot” sponge in the $1.99 pack of brushes that you can paint polka dots very easily!
  • When the faces are complete you can add twine for a final touch. We also hot glued sticks onto the pumpkins for the stem and it turned out VERY cute! For the mummy, wrap burlap around and hot glue so it stays secure.


And the final products….

bff2bff3 bff4 bff5 bff6