Homemade Gluten Free Playdough

AB PlaydoughHomemade Gluten Free Playdough

Here is a fun at home craft you and your kids can do together.  Make your own homemade gluten free playdough.  It is very simple to make, and it brings hours of fun.


1 cup salt

1/2 cup corn starch

3/4 cups cold water

Optional: Natural, plant-based food coloring

Essential Oil (a few drops) in a calming scent, like lavender (optional)


  1. Pour the salt and the corn starch into a pan.
  2. If you are using food coloring and/or essential oil, mix a few drops into the cold water.
  3. Add the cold water to the corn starch and salt, and mix well.
  4. Heat the mixture over medium heat, stirring constantly. The mixture will thicken, starting at the bottom of the pan. Scrape the pan as you stir.
  5. When the play dough becomes very thick, take it off the heat and turn it onto the table or counter.  Allow it to cool until you can handle it, then have your child knead the warm play dough until it’s smooth and pliable.
  6. When you’re finished playing with it, store it in an airtight container (I use a zip lock bag, and press all the air out of it.)

Recipe provided by Jenny Basselin