Living without Fear

It’s another SoulFULL Sunday!

Verse of the Week: 2 Timothy 1:7
“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.”

Mom and Dad, as you lead your children this week, encourage them with this verse and guide your conversations about living without fear.

In every age and developmental phase, fear is a powerful emotion. It can lead one to safety, proving that a healthy fear is beneficial. Or, it can paralyze us and even lead to mental illness. This is the kind of fear we try to fight and earnestly desire to see absent from our children, isn’t it?

As you lead discussions that best fit your family, here are a few suggestions…

Ask questions:

What is fear? Can it be a good thing or is it always bad? Of what are you afraid? Does Jesus want us to be afraid? What kind of we power should we have? Love? A sound mind (or self-discipline)?

Share life:

Think of stories you can share with your family, times you felt paralyzed by fear. Perhaps you can tell them about a time God’s spirit empowered you to overcome a great fear. Also, tell them about a time you experienced God’s power, love, and peace of mind.

Read together:

Take time this week to read from the Bible together, and focus on stories that exemplify living without fear. You will notice that everyone felt fear; yet, to live without fear means that person could not be controlled by it. Instead, God’s spirit gave them either the power, the love, or the kind of disciplined mind that allowed them to serve fully.

Five Great Lessons

1. The Book of Daniel – Daniel is a nearly perfect example of a young man blessed with God’s spirit of power, love, and soundness of mind. Power: The Fiery Furnace and Lion’s Den. Love: Daniel’s prayers for his people, his love for God’s laws, and his love for the rulers he served. Daniel’s piety did not make him proud. Sound Mind: Brilliant and self-controlled was Daniel! The diet challenge, handling Nebuchadnezzar’s moods, and Daniel’s influence illustrate the impact of God’s Spirit upon the mind.

2. Acts – After Christ’s resurrection and ascension, the inaugural act of the church’s birth was Pentecost. The literal indwelling of the Spirit began. Read about Pentecost, Peter’s revelation that salvation is for all people, Paul’s radical transformation, and the martyrdom of Stephen. Power: miracles, protection, courage. Love: acceptance, self-sacrifice, and humility. Sound Mind: Stephen’s speech, the apostles’ wisdom and obedience to God’s call.

3. Fearless Ladies – Living without fear applies to all humans! Empower your daughters and impress your sons with stories from Joshua (Rahab), Judges (Deborah the Judge), Ruth, Esther, and the Gospels (Mary, Lydia, Elizabeth, and more).

4. The Gospels – Jesus the Christ is certainly the perfect example of living without fear! Power: triumph over Satan and fasting in the desert, power over the grave, casting out demons and disease. Love: sacrifice on the cross, compassion shown to many, forgiveness of sins. Sound Mind: wisdom with religious leaders, knowledge of other’s needs, ability to teach the scriptures with authority.

5. Joseph – In the last portions of Genesis, the story of Joseph is powerful. Any child or teen can understand sibling rivalry, bullying, and the fear of losing family. Power: Joseph’s survival after trauma, slavery, imprisonment, and times of depression. Love: Joseph’s forgiveness! The reunion of his family. Sound Mind: Joseph’s ability to excel wherever he was placed; he did not rebel or fight..he blessed others with his abilities.

Let us know your stories and suggestions! Be blessed this week as you, too, learn more about living without fear.