Monday’s Menu – Chicken and Potatoes

This week’s meal was a new one for us, but it was definitely one I will be putting on the rotation each month. I love searching Pinterest for meal ideas, and this one was a hit for sure. Besides being delicious, here’s 3 reasons I loved this dish.FullSizeRender-2

First of all, it was inexpensive. I found chicken thighs that were reduced, so our meat only cost around $3.50 total (that’s for a family of 5). Sweet potatoes are in season, which makes them cheaper these days, and I grabbed about 6 medium sized ones for the dish, but added a couple of big ones for a baked sweet potato for my husband and I later on next week. I purchased a 10lb. bag of Russet potatoes because we can always use potatoes, and they last a long time. I won’t have to buy any for a long while.

Second, this was a simple recipe. The longest amount of prep time was peeling and cutting the potatoes. If I had planned ahead, I could have already taken care of this step, but all in all, took me about 20 minutes to get everything prepped. I already had the chicken thawed out, and so it was quick to put together after that.

Third, it’s a one pot dish. That means less clean up!

One thing you will need to plan for is cook time. It took about an hour to cook all the way through. You might reduce that time by cooking your diced potatoes a little before sticking them in the oven. I had considered making this a crockpot dish, but those seem to dry out sometimes, and so I think using a traditional oven is the best way to go on this one.


I followed this recipe pretty much straight from my Pinterest find. You can find the list of ingredients and recipe here.

Happy Eating!

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