Mother’s Day Essentials!


what-she-really-wantsHow  about surprising mom this mother’s day with the gift of wellness? Flowers, candy, and jewelry are all nice but what if you got her something she could use on a daily basis? Essential oils are something you can use daily and they are a gift the whole family can use. We make it easy for you. The Everyday Oil Collection comes as a set of 10 essential oils, a bonus oil, plus a diffuser. The diffuser is a favorite in our house and you end up wanting one for each room!

Here are the oils and a quick example of a way or two you can use them:
Lemon– is refreshing in a glass of water. It also freshens the house and and is great to clean with. Peppermint– is great to add to a cup of tea or coffee, soothing to an achey head, and cooling to the body on a hot day. Lavender– is great this time of year as everything is blooming. It is wonderful to add to some epson salt and take a relaxing bath after a long day. You can also put some oil with water in a spray bottle and freshen curtains and furniture. It is really the best oil to have on hand!  Tea Tree- We love this oil when we have been in the woods and get into the itchy poison ivy plants. It is also good for the skin blemishes. Purification– this is another one of our favorites for the summer….we make a spray bottle of it with water and spray on the kids before they go out to play to keep the mosquitos away. All natural is so comforting to a mama. That we can put something so gentle on our children and not harmful toxins. It is also a great oil to eliminate odors. Mix in a spray bottle with water and spray on stinky sports equipment, or diffuse in a room with pets and it helps eliminate the odors. Frankincense- this is a favorite of many to add to a moisturizer for the skin. It is a great oil to help promote cellular health. Panaway- Mom would really love this one when you give her a massage from sore, tense muscles from the day to help relax. Can also be used to help with tension discomfort. Thieves- one of the favorites to help support the immune system. When we have been around a lot of germs, we like to diffuse this oil and apply to our feet to help keep the germs away! Stress away- this one does just what it’s name says! The kit comes with a roller ball, and many like to put it on this oil and keep in the purse or diaper bag. A drop in a glass of water, or in some epson salt for a bath is also nice. Joy- diffusing this oil may help uplift you if feeling down. Citrus fresh- is wonderful in a glass of water. The smell is amazing, it is so fresh. We love this and peppermint in the diffuser in the morning. Really gets us going!  Some even like to use this one to assist in their weight loss journey.

This is just a short list of all the things you can use essential oils for.  I could really go on and on about all the ways you can use each of these.  If you would like to hear more, feel free to contact me and mention this post and I can help you on your journey!  If you would like to  purchase through this post, now through the end of May, you are helping to support a fantastic ministry, One Tough Kid!  We will be happy to help you and your loved one on your journey with essential oils.  You can check out how to use them in more ways, exactly how they work, and contact us by going here.


This is everything included in the premium starter kit.  You will be mom’s hero if this is her Mother’s Day gift this year!  Go here to place your order.  It will be shipped directly to you.  Easy!

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