Order in the House! School’s in Session: If Life Already Feels Crazy, Check Out This NEW Book!

It’s finally, here, BFF friends and family! Many of you have requested for one of our writers, Christine C. Carr, to put to paper her system for meal un-planning. Through her blogs and guest appearances on local radio stations, Christine has talked about healthy eating, managing stressful schedules, and raising a connected children in a loving home. Her new book, “Make it 8, Dinner’s Great!” is a quick and fun read that combines a lifetime of experience. Her desire is to help families find the time to eat together more often without adding any more stress to their schedules. Every family has a flow, and the flow can change throughout different stages of life. The “Make it 8” system is designed to change with the family!

We are truly honored to introduce this book to everyone at Birmingham Fun and Family Magazine! Available in both eKindle and paperback format, you can purchase it on Amazon.