Samford Bulldogs Vs. Chattanooga Football Game

Samford Bulldogs Vs. Chattanooga Football Game

When I arrived at the University of Samford I noticed right away how much fun the fans were having before before

the game. Of course, there were people tailgating. But the fans that were hanging out were really laid back and just

having an enjoyable time before than cheered on their beloved Bulldogs. Nothing too overwhelming about the

atmosphere at all. Perfect.


Of course, there were the typical football fans painted with the team’s colors once the game started up. It’s always

good to see the fans getting into the game. I also saw plenty of families sitting in the stands excited. Sports have

always been a family affair and Samford games are no different.100_3878


I also saw families sitting on the hills by the stands while their kids slid down them over and over. I could tell that the

children felt safe at the stadium and that their families didn’t need to worry too much because we were all here for a

good time.


Not too far from the field, there was a bouncy house in the shape of Clifford. Beside the bouncy house, kids were able

to toss footballs around and into a little goal. Just another perk for families coming to enjoy the game!


During the game, it was announced that Samford had having a photo scavenger hunt for some time and they honored

the winning family on the field. The family that won was from Texas and they got some great prizes including a gift

card to a restaurant in Brookwood Village and a free two night hotel stay in Homewood!


It was such a rush seeing the Bulldogs score the very first touchdown of the game! I loved seeing all the fans and

players jump from their seats and cheering for their team. I had a big smile on my face just watching the whole thing!


There was a point in time during the game where they started throwing free T-Shirts into the crowd. This is normal,

but I can’t help but wonder why the front few rows always get ignored? Oh well, they’re there for the game!  


During the halftime game, the band played disco music and the color guard put on a great show lead by head color

guard Danielle. After the performance, two flag football teams from Homewood played on the field for a couple of

Overall, it was a great day! It’s a perfect outing for families. I’m so glad that I was able to experience it!


Samford Bulldogs Vs. Chattanooga Football Game