Samford Color Guard

The Samford Color Guard are an exciting part of the Samford Band during half time. Melissa Montgomery is the oneIMG_20150912_130548046

in charge and Danielle Johnson is the lead color guard. Believe it or not, a lot goes into being a color guard. When

auditioning comes, the girls are taught a routine to do after a three hour session. It is based off of this very routine if

the girls or guys will get picked to be on the color guard. Video auditions are accepted as well if you can’t make it.

Anyone can try out regardless of experience and your attitude towards the whole audition process makes a huge

difference, too.


The color guard have two practices with the band a week and one with them by themselves. Practices with the band

are laid-back and the color guard is a small group, so they can get to know one another pretty well. During the

beginning of the season the color guard will work on cleaning up the routines and from there, it’s mostly muscle



During the summer, the girls are asked to work outside to get used to the heat. This will include both running and

working on flag basics. During band camp they do a lot of arm workouts because of the heavy flags that they are

working with.


The color guard always needs to have a positive attitude because they are working in the heat. They also need to make

the performances look effortless. What’s great is that they really do have a good time doing what they’re doing.
Overall, these are some really talented ladies and they work very, very hard. They put on a great show and they really

do make it look effortless. Way to go, ladies and keep up the good work! You make Samford fans proud!