Sid Ortis – One Tough Kid

Understanding where one’s true citizenship lies is not completely understood or grasped easily, but Sid Ortis understood it clearly.  On Sid Ortis
October 31, 2015, Sid went to his final citizenship.  Sid lived the life of a true One Tough Kid.  During his 15 month battle with cancer he never lost site of where he was going and longing to get there.  He knew the struggle would be hard during those months, but he ran the race with endurance and a smile on his face.

Sid’s life was 16 years, and it is too short by many standards.  But his life was not cut short in fullness.  I did not get to know Sid personally, but the accounts of many shared at Mountain Brook High School on Monday night testify to the fact he lived life to the fullest.  Those around him knew his life was always full of love and joy.   Even during his battle with cancer he continued to show others what it means to live, love and even laugh when it is tough.  I often heard him quoted on his concern not for himself, but his concern was on those whom he would leave behind in his absence.  You can hear and see some of the remarks from his friends at the memorial service HERE.

Sid has reached his final destination with a resounding “Welcome Home.”  We now turn our prayers and support to his parents and family as they enter the days ahead.  Sid was a strong young man both in his stature and his faith in Christ.  May his family feel the peace and comfort only God can provide in the days, months and years ahead until we all are reunited again.

The memorial service will be held on November 5, 2015 at The Church of the Highlands Grants Mill campus at 2 PM.

You can read his OBITUARY HERE.