Student voices: LCBF fights for women

by Anna Sauceda, guest writer

Anna Sauceda is a public relations student at UAB

What comes to mind when you think of cancer? For many, it ushers in fear of the unknown or uncontrollable sadness. For me, the first thing that comes to mind is hope. Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, “while there is life, there is hope.” I have had the opportunity to see Cicero’s quote in action through working with the Laura Crandall Brown Foundation (LCBF).

Since its inception in 2009, the LCBF was founded on hope. Laura Crandall Brown passed away from ovarian cancer at 25. An optimistic woman, Laura inspired everyone around her through her passion to help women in their battle against ovarian cancer. Through the foundation, Laura’s friends and family aspired to offer hope through research for early detection of ovarian cancer, empower communities through statewide gynecologic (GYN) cancer awareness, and enrich lives through support.  

Today, the LCBF is inclusive of all GYN cancers, those that start in a woman’s reproductive organs. Ovarian cancer, also known as the silent killer, is the most common type. Approximately 110,000 women will be affected by GYN cancers this year alone; more than 30,000 will die.

These statistics have driven the LCBF to help more than 1,200 GYN cancer patients and their families through direct financial and emotional support, fund more than $400,000 in research grants for early detection of ovarian cancer, and reach over 800 community members through GYN cancer awareness.

The LCBF can do its amazing work through generous donations from the community, businesses, and fundraising. Various events are held each year to fund the foundation’s support programs including Taste of Teal Gala, Annual Head Over Teal Family Fall Festival (10k/5k), Get Busy Fighting Golf Tournament, and other events including percentage nights at local restaurants, the State of Teal lighting campaign, and GYN cancer awareness speaking engagements. The LCBF is committed to ensuring GYN cancer patients and their families know that they are not alone, but they cannot do it all by themselves.

We all have women in our lives whether it be a mother, sister, grandmother, or even a friend that could be affected by GYN cancer. We can all imagine what it would be like to see one of our loved ones receive a life-changing diagnosis and the impact it could have on our families. 

Because of this, the LCBF needs your help. No gesture is ever too small. You can help in the fight against GYN cancers by assembling comfort care bags to give to women undergoing chemotherapy or sponsoring an “Accelerate the Fight” car tag for a GYN cancer patient, or even by lending a hand at an event. The LCBF is always eager to work with each volunteer to find the best place for them within the organization. 

The LCBF is a wonderful organization working hard to provide support to GYN cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and their families. If you ever want to see what the physical embodiment of “hope” looks like, stop by the Laura Crandall Brown Foundation in Hoover, and you will not be disappointed. The office is located at 3150 Lorna Road, Suite 410, Hoover AL 35216 [map].

For more information on the LCBF, GYN cancer awareness, patient programs, volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, and more, please visit


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