Thoughtful Thursday Smart Money Smart Kids

Thoughtful Thursday Smart Money Smart KidsRachel_standing outside_headshot

I had the absolute pleasure of having the chance to interview Rachel Cruze

about the new program that she’s offering with her father, Dave Ramsey. It’s

called Smart Money Smart Kids. It’s a series of lessons for parents to teach

their kids about important money issues such as Work and Responsibility,

Giving and Generosity, Debt and Honesty and more. Parents with kids as

young as three have participated as well as parents whose children are

college students.


Smart Money Smart Kids is a membership that parents purchase. You get six months of access to age specific videos,

activities that parents can do with their kids, videos from Sharon Ramsey that gives a mom’s perspective, the book

Smart Money Smart Kids, a workbook and more.


A very admirable thing that is taught is the subject of tithing. To be fair, giving back is taught in various ways as well.

Although there are some kids out there that don’t like sharing, Cruze pointed out that many kids are more than

willing to share and give back. That is very encouraging to hear!


Many parents may wonder how kids have taken to the idea of working and earning their money and she said that

kids have taken very well to the idea of working. The children whose parents have learned from the program and

started earning money by doing all sorts of wonderful things, from chores to starting their own businesses. Way to go



I had to know about the subject of debt and the whole idea of parents having to talk to their kids about money issues.

Cruze told me that although debt has been often been a four letter word, it has been very positive for parents to open

up and be honest with their kids about money and debt. I second that parents should always be open to the money

coming in and out so kids can learn how to budget later in life, which is what she and Ramsey are teaching. Like

Cruze correctly pointed out, “It’s never too early to start!” Agreed!


Cruze had some very inspiring things to say about both of her parents. She said that she was born when they filed for

bankruptcy and although it was a tough time for them, they ended up learning so much after that and then teaching

her those lessons. She looks at her parents as role models. It’s great when someone can take a tragedy and turn it into

something both positive and a way to help others. That’s one of the many reasons people like Dave Ramsey and

Rachel Cruze are great at what they do.


Parents should be participating in this program because there is something for everyone. Both parents and kids learn

something. No one is being talked down to and being told how wrong they are. This program is giving life long

lessons that families can obtain easily stick with. Everything is broken down into specific videos and lessons as well

as being very specific towards age groups. There’s no room for miscommunication with this program that is geared

toward any and every family.


Now that I know more about Rachel Cruze and Smart Money Smart Kids, I can say with all the confidence in the

world that she’s not only a very warm person, but she’s extremely smart and knows exactly what she’s talking about.

More importantly, she doesn’t just talk the talk, she uses what she teaches it in her everyday life. Smart Money Smart

Kids is a must for parents out there. This is one of those few teaching tools that speaks to parents in a positive

manner and shows respect for both the parents and the children involved. To find out more about it, click here.


Thoughtful Thursday Smart Money Smart Kids