Tough Kids Day March 2nd

Tough Kids Day March 2ndTough Kids Day

Tough Kids Day is this week on March 2nd.  We celebrate Tough Kids Day each year on March 2nd.  What is Tough Kids Day you ask?  I am glad you asked.

The day is to celebrate all those kids in our lives that go through life facing adversity and challenges, but they face each day with a smile and optimism.  The day started in honor of our son, Bryan Hall Carr, who was diagnosed with PNP Deficiency, which is form of Severe Combined Immune Disorder, at the age of 4.  He had been severely sick all his life.  When he was 3 he had faced many illnesses including shingles, hand/foot/mouth, MRSA, and many others in a short period of time.  Through it all, Bryan was One Tough Kid.  Many of his doctors, therapists, and care givers remarked, “how tough he was.”

So we ask you to wear BLUE on Tough Kids Day, March 2nd, in honor of those kids.  Also, write them a note, visit them, call them or do something special for them.  It is a way to encourage them and their caregivers in the day to day task of providing care.  Most of us will never know or experience the struggles they face.  It will go a long way to remember those and encourage them and remind them they are not forgotten.

One way you could send a big note of encouragement is to send a child a Cheeriodical.  Cheeriodicals is a local company that sends gifts to those in the hospital or for any reason really.  It was started as a way to send someone in the hospital a get well soon or encouragement gift that was not flowers or fruit baskets.  It is a note of Cheer combined with Periodicals of their interest. They work with Children’s hospital all over the country bringing cheer to children in the hospital. (This is something we have seen first hand, and we know what they do makes a difference.)

We know life worth the fight, so honor those Tough Kids in your life.