Will the Real Dad Please Stand Up!

Will the Real Dad Please Stand Up!

Today it seems as if many dads have forgotten who they are and what they are suppose to be doing.  And the area where fathers are missing inFather 2 Children action perhaps more than any other is in the formation of their children’s sexual attitudes, values, and behavior.  Unfortunately we have to admit that in many cases Christian dads aren’t fairing much better than the dads of the world in this area.


It’s time that Real Dads, dads who take their responsibilities seriously, stand up and help their kids form a Godly sexual identity.  A dad should be a child’s best source for the truth about sex.  Dad if you want to raise godly kids you can’t check out on this one.  Today is the day to discuss this matter with your spouse and determine a plan of action to cover this important subject.


Let’s get real.  By the time a child is in the third grade, he or she is at least recognizing differences in boys and girls and already talking about sex.  Your child needs to know that if they have questions about sex that you are the one to ask.  You can give them true answers.  Who knows what answers they are getting elsewhere.  You get the privilege of setting standards for your child in this area.  Wow, what a privilege!


Success in this area is possible.  Here are some steps to take on this pathway to purity:


  1.  Stay involved in your child’s life.  Especially as they become teenagers.
  2.  Help your child understand that sex is serious.
  3.  Help your kids see their true worth and value before God.
  4.  Remind your sons and daughters regularly that it is worth the wait to keep themselves pure until    marriage.
  5.  Teach your children to live with a biblical worldview.
  6.  Partner with your church in setting the highest possible standards for your children.
  7.  Warn your children about the consequences of sin.

So, are you ready to “Stand Up” and be a “Real Dad?”

Some Bible passages to share with your child are I Corinthians 6:9-18, Romans 12:2, I Timothy 2:9-10, Colossians 3:17, and Romans 13:14.