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Biblical Keys to Healthy Relationships: Right Thinking About Others

Biblical Keys to Healthy Relationships Part 2: Right Thinking About Others By Vanessa Jones Do you know anyone whose number… Read the rest

Alabama Splash Adventure Tickets 2017

Who wants to go cool down and beat this Summer heat at Alabama Splash Adventure Waterpark? Well, we have a… Read the rest

Do It Yourself Crafts BFF Club Event

DO IT YOURSELF CRAFTS BFF CLUB EVENT You can get a head start on a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day… Read the rest

Clara’s 3rd Birthday Bash: Giving Hope to 4 More

Clara’s 3rd Birthday Bash Dear Friend:Last August, 2.5 year old Hoover resident Clara Bragg was diagnosed with GM1 Gangliosidosis, a… Read the rest

Help Your Kids Rest

Help Your Kids Find Rest  We are all busy.  The schedule that we keep today is ridiculous.  I’m sure there… Read the rest

The Smell of Your Home

The Smell of Your Home Last week I was introduced to a new concept. It’s exciting at my age to… Read the rest
Fun Friday March 10 2017

Fun Friday March 10 2017

Fun Friday Events in and around Birmingham, Alabama  … Read the rest

It’s A Phase, So Don’t Miss It Parents Conference

“IT’S A PHASE, SO DON’T MISS IT” Parenting Conference at Westwood Baptist Church Saturday, March 18, 2017, Westwood Baptist Church… Read the rest

A Plan of Action for Parents

A Plan Of Action for Christian Parents                                                  Recently, I’ve talked with several Christian parents who really want their children to… Read the rest

Tough Kids Day March 2nd

Tough Kids Day March 2nd Tough Kids Day is this week on March 2nd.  We celebrate Tough Kids Day each… Read the rest